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PredictiveHire’s  proprietary technology is the only solution that puts the candidate first from a simple text chat using FirstInterview™ we are able to deliver TalentInsights™ to recruiters and personalised MyInsights™ to every candidate. 


The DiscoverInsights™ dashboard builds smart data infrastructure that can be utilised to track quality of talent,  efficiency and bias in hiring.


PredictiveHire is humanising the recruitment process through our inclusive and intelligent automated talent solution that meets the needs of both candidates and companies.

Built with heart and backed by science, PredictiveHire goes beyond traditional assessments.



Contact: info@predictivehire.com

Why we love PredictiveHire
  • Personalised feedback is provided to all candidates within two hours of completing an interview using PredictiveHire.

  • PredictiveHire is built so that everyone gets an interview via textchat.

  • Everyone gets the same interview, anywhere, anytime and untimed

  • The only conversational interview platform with 99% candidate satisfaction feedback.

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How can PredictiveHire help you meet the CBI employer standards

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PredictiveHire was built with the intention that every candidate receives an interview done via textchat and  personalised feedback. Once you start an application it doesn’t 

have to be completed at that moment. Candidates receive an email to acknowledge they have started  their interview and that it has been received.


We do not allow statements such as “only shortlisted candidates will be contacted” as everyone receives feedback.

Once a candidate has completed an online interview they receive an email with personalised feedback within an hour or two - whether they were successful or not.


This is not a standard template email but provides insight into a candidates strengths and weaknesses based on their completed interview. We also encourage candidates to let us know how

accurate they found the insights.


98% of candidates are blown away by accuracy of the insights they receive.

PredictiveHire is built so that everyone gets an interview via textchat, and every one of those people interviewed receives personal feedback via email based on their unique answers.  

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