Ever find the recruitment side of things is a burden that just never seems to give?


Applications all over place – Spreadsheets. Emails. Heck! Even paper copies sprawled across your desk? Poor communication between your team and candidates slowing the whole process down?

hireful’s ATS is designed with the flexibility to manage all your recruitment with ease. Built by recruiters, we’ve created a system that helps save employers time, whilst making sure candidates have a great experience that feels personal.


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Why we love hireful:
  • Save time by setting up automated emails, auto-reject questions & self-service interview scheduling.

  • Attract the right talent by having a free careers page that shows off your employer brand.

  • Improve candidate experience by using our short but effective application forms, easy-apply job board integrations, interview & new hire surveys. Not to mention an onboarding platform too.

  • Work better together and see what your colleagues’ think of each candidate in real time, by using notes, scoring and more. Plus, you can control what roles your Hiring Managers see, so they don’t have information overload.

How can hireful help you meet the CBI employer standards

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The hireful ATS is pre-configured to send an acknowledgement email to all applicants.


We also offer training for our customers in how to create a great candidate experience which encourages our clients to think about how they can make emails such as this more engaging and informative for the candidates. 

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Our ATS is pre-configured to send a reject email to all unsuccessful candidates.  

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We encourage our customers to build online assessments into their recruitment process.


Furthermore, we help our customers to build email communication into both the pre and post assessment phase.  

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We promote the very highest standards of candidate experience to our clients. This means providing open and honest feedback to all interview candidates. 

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Our customers have access to our eLearning course and live webinar events that teach them how to write engaging job adverts.


We believe that all candidates should be treated fairly and job adverts should highlight to any applicant when and how they can expect to hear back from the employer. 

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