LiveHire is a recruitment and talent mobility platform.


LiveHire believe in creating a user-friendly, candidate centric platform that empowers the flow of the world’s talent.

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Why we love LiveHire
  • Messages delivered via two-way SMS, email and on-platform

  • Personalised message templates to notify candidates in bulk of their application status

  • Candidates gain transparency of their application stats through their candidate profile

  • Advanced analytics to notify your team of the unsuitable candidates who have not yet been notified

  • Embedded process to encourage communication to candidates when their status has been moved to unsuccessful

How can LiveHire help you meet the CBI employer standards

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LiveHire believes deeply that a candidate should have transparency on where they are at in the process and the status of their application.


When a candidate completes an application they will be presented with an on screen confirmation with instructions on what they can do next, such as updating their profile to give them a better chance of standing out and also checking out other jobs with the company.


Additionally, they will receive an email notification and SMS confirming that the application has been submitted. All of our notifications are structured to focus on empowerment and encouragement of the candidate with statements like “we appreciate the time and consideration you’ve taken to prepare your application”, and not using deeming statements like “if you do not hear from us please presume your application has been unsuccessful 

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The LiveHire platform assists the talent acquisition team in a number of ways to ensure that every unsuccessful applicant is notified promptly. These ways include:


1. Automated triggers that will notify someone if they do not meet the criteria of the job application based on the client’s application questions;


2. On platform analytics on the number of people that have been marked as not suitable and are yet to be notified;


3. When the status of an applicant is moved to an unsuccessful status there is an embedded process to nudge the user to notify the candidate and schedule the communication to the candidate;


4. When a job is being closed and there are still candidates that are not yet notified, the system will force the user to notify all remaining applicants that are yet to be notified. 

The LiveHire platform enables users to simplify the process of communication with candidates throughout the hiring process with helpful message templates to make it more efficient and effective to provide feedback to a candidate and then refine that further with specific feedback to the candidate on the outcome of the process.


All of these messages are delivered both via email and SMS, and are also stored within their inbox within their LiveHire profile.


Additionally, the candidate can monitor the status of their application within their candidate profile on LiveHire.


As a user moves a candidate through the recruitment workflows (ie. by changing statuses) this will automatically change the status within the candidate profile for them to have transparency of the status of their application. 

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As per above, LiveHire provides helpful messaging templates and personalised feedback tools to all the users to provide candidate feedback.


This can be delivered one to one or in bulk to assist high volume recruitment campaigns.


Additionally, LiveHire is currently developing new features that will provide actions for users where a candidate has been in a status too long and therefore prompt the user to respond back to the candidate within an agreed timeframe that aligns with their circle back initiatives. 

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Whilst we are not able to control how a client writes a job advertisement, LiveHire’s client success team coach our clients on best practices around job advertising, proactive sourcing and recruitment strategies.

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